Fans of Phantom of the Opera : The Movie

the show is always better, but the movie rocked, too...

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This is a community for fans of Phantom of the Opera : the Movie and/or it's stars, because...there needed to be one, they rocked that much.

If you're new, please feel free to write a 'hi' entry with who you are, when you saw the movie, what you thought, anything along those lines. If there's something I need to do, or something you think could improve the community, tell me, please.

There are two rules:
1) All entries have to relate to PotO somehow. The movie or the show, or their stars. If you want to promote a community, check with me at _eleka_nahmen_ or at harvested.hearts@gmail.com. Chances are, I'll let you.
2) U PPL NEED 2 STOP TYPIN LYKE DIS...LOL. If I see it, I'm commenting. Please don't ask. As a double Enlgish/pre-Law major, it bugs me to no end. Ok, the occasional lol is fine, and I use little smileys too much to say anything against them, but other than that...'people' has 6 letters, not 3. 'You' has 3 letters, not just 1. Thanks.

Other than that...See ya around the community! ....Your mod, _eleka_nahmen_